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After the Burn: Understanding a Burn Injury

A longer video explaining the types and severity classifications of burns, and how they are treated.

Agonal Breathing 360p

This reenactment shows what agonal breathing looks like.

Agonal Respiration

This video shows an example of a man who was rescued from drowning and who is agonal breathing. This is not a reenactment.

Be Safe from Anaphylaxis — Mayo Clinic

This video explains anaphylaxis and includes the experience of a person who suffered a severe allergic reaction.

Better Broke than Dead — The Reality of CPR

This video shows a demonstration of CPR on a CPR dummy and relates the story of three people who saved their friend’s life using CPR.

Chris Solomons Sudden Cardiac Arrest Rescue – BBC Helicopter Heroes

This video shows an emergency medical dispatcher having a massive heart attack and being treated with CPR and an AED by colleagues. This is not a reenactment.

Cop Saves Choking Woman during Traffic Stop

This short clip shows a choking woman being saved by a police officer performing back blows and abdominal thrusts. This is not a reenactment.

Elizabeth Banks in “Just a Little Heart Attack”

Women are just as likely to have a heart attack as men. Inspired by the true stories of real women impacted by heart disease, the American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women movement and Emmy-nominated actress Elizabeth Banks created the short film, “Just a Little Heart Attack,” to educate women about the realities of heart disease and encourage them to put their health first.

Heart Attack – Cardiac Arrest – CPR (Bondi Rescue Season 9 Episode 9 Part 1)

This video shows someone having a heart attack. Note that it may be disturbing to some viewers as it contains footage of real CPR.

How Does Asthma Work? – Christopher E. Gaw

A video that explains the causes of asthma and how it impacts the patient.

How Insulin Works

This video explains how diabetes affects the body and the differences between type 1 and type 2 diabetes. It includes an animation that describes how insulin works and how blood sugar levels are measured.

Is Sig Having a Heart Attack at Sea? | Deadliest Catch

In this video, you will witness a middle-aged man who is having a massive heart attack. This is not a reenactment. Take note of his denial, clutching of the chest, pale skin, extreme discomfort and pain. These are classic signs and symptoms of a heart attack.

Mayo Clinic Minute: What is Heart Disease?

A brief explanation of what heart disease is and what causes a heart attack.

Mayo Clinic Minute: What Women Need to Know about Stroke

What women need to know about strokes, including symptoms and prevention measures.

Mayo Clinic Minute: What You Need to Know about Stroke

A brief explanation of what a stroke is and how to prevent strokes.

Mayo Clinic Minute: Women’s Heart Attack Symptoms Vary

The most common sign/symptom of a female having a heart attack is chest pain; however, there are other signs and symptoms that can also indicate a woman is having a heart attack. These are presented in this video clip.

Minor Stroke Captured on Video: Watch as it Happens

Here is an example of a female having a stroke, Notice the facial droop, eye droop and slurred speech. This is not a reencatment.

Mrs. Doubtfire: Birthday Dinner

This famous scene from the movie Mrs. Doubtfire shows the Robin Williams character performing abdominal thrusts.

News Reporter Talks Gibberish

Here is an example of a male news reporter having a stroke. Notice the garbled speech. This is not a reenactment.

Off-Duty Trooper Saves Man Choking at Restaurant With Heimlich Maneuver

This news report shows an incident of a person choking and being rescued by a trooper using abdominal thrusts. This is not a reenactment.